Anh Phan (Phan Nguyet Anh) and her husband Hop Dang founded SympaMeals in 2005. Working from an office tower opposite the National Cancer Hospital (K Hospital), they saw patients barely eating and sleeping in a nearby park to save money for medical treatment. They decided to raise funds to provide meal vouchers so that the patients could have at least one good meal per day. Since then SympaMeals has expanded to provide about 150-200 free meal coupons per day, including coupons for people with special nutritional needs, special milk powder for child patients and elderly patients, and radiotherapy treatment, travel costs and special medicines for the most impoverished patients. SympaMeals also sponsors children of cancer patients so that they can remain in school. Since 2009 HIWC has funded radiotherapy treatment for women with late stage cancers and daily meal vouchers. For more information, please contact Anh by emailing nhip_an@yahoo.com or refer to https://www.facebook.com/SympaMeals/