Ms. Nguyen Thao Van and her brother Nguyen Cong Hung were born to an agricultural family in the poor rural area of Nghe An. Van’s brother was severely disabled by polio and Van was born with brittle bone disease. Despite their circumstances, both siblings became academic high achievers. Nguyen Cong Hung became an IT expert, famous for his work with other disabled people. In 2008, he founded the Will to Live Center to provide free training to disabled people in IT, English language and other vocational skills. Van excelled in Chinese Chess, English language and, inspired by her brother, also developed excellent IT skills. When he died suddenly in 2012, Van gave up her job with a Danish/Vietnamese joint venture to succeed him as Director of Will to Live. Because her brother had been high profile and much-loved, Van had to struggle to maintain support for the Center. Thanks to her indomitable strength, Will to Live continues with its training programme which HIWC has been proud to support. For more information on the Will to Live Center, please see: http://www.nghilucsong.net/en/index.php