In the second half of 2016, HIWC’s CAC allocated an additional $48,000 towards six more projects, bringing our total donation for the year to $107,000  –  all proceeds earned by the HIWC Annual Charity Bazaar.  In addition to the seven projects funded earlier in 2016,  CAC awarded grants to the following:

Asia Injury Protection Foundation (AIPF)  supports children living in poverty either born with congenital deformities of their genitalia or who have had accidents and lack access to reconstructive surgery.  With support from HIWC, AIPF brings a leading surgeon from Europe to provide diagnoses for the children – who have never before received medical care –  and perform complex and life-changing operations.

Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) “Play and Learn” project – Visually-impaired and blind pre-school children and their parents are often excluded from mainstream education, trapping them in a cycle of poverty and discrimination. “Play and Learn” is a play-based program which works with visually impaired children. The program also aims to support and empower poor parents by teaching them how to support their children so that the children are better able to attend primary school.  

Centre for Studies and Applied Science in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA)   CSAGA’s  “No More Campaign” aims to raise awareness in University Students in Vietnam about the issue of sexual violence against women and girls, and to promote a proactive role for students in preventing and ending sexual violence against women.  HIWC supports the Campaign and the student-led public service media projects that will be the end result of the project.

Hagar International – HIWC supports Hagar’s work to ensure safe accommodation and shelter, essential health care and child care for Vietnamese women and children suffering from abuse and exploitation.  Hagar specialises in psycho-social rehabilitation for women who have suffered trauma and abuse either due to trafficking or domestic violence.  

Pacific Links Foundation –  The project we fund provides holistic help with reintegration in a safe environment for women from northern Vietnam who have survived trafficking. The project funded by HIWC includes art therapy for the women, many of whom have been traumatised. The project also includes outreach events at ethnic minority weekend markets so women are better educated about the risks to them and their families from human traffickers. Human trafficking remains an impediment to Vietnam’s development and Pacific Links is a leader in the field of counter-trafficking and victim support.  

Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA) –  Even after 30 years, Vietnam is still tackling the serious effects of Agent Orange (AO) use during the Vietnam war.   Three generations of victims are coping with birth defects, lack of access to medical care and rehabilitation, lack of access to education and lack of work. VAVA is a local non-profit organisation which helps AO victims with rehabilitation, education and advocacy in legal proceedings.  The VAVA project funded by HIWC supports scholarships for third generation AO victims and, through the provision of livestock and equipment, helps families generate income from home-based enterprises such as animal husbandry, tailoring, cane juice making and dried goods selling.

To find out more about all the CAC projects funded in 2016, please visit the CAC page on this website, our read our last CAC focused blog article.