What We Do

The CAC works with partner organisations in the Hanoi area and meets monthly to assess new proposals and review existing projects. Once projects are approved by the HIWC Board, the CAC monitors them to ensure that the funds are being used as agreed.

In 2015-2016 grants made by HIWC in the area of health ranged from medical missions bringing life changing surgery to children to cancer treatment for women in Hanoi.  We supported training programs for women with disabilities on sexual and reproductive health and provided a grant for medical care for young patients with brittle bone disease. Our community development grants funded life skills training and professional integration assistance for women living in vulnerable conditions in Hanoi, microcredit loans to 90 women from the Black Thai ethnic minority group and vocational training for youth with disabilities. Our grants in the area of education helped disadvantaged students attend university, enabled 30 children with autism and intellectual disabilities to go to school and funded improved access to education for poor children living in Hanoi’s Red River community.

HIWC Community Aid Projects in 2016

The chart below provides a snapshot of the projects we proudly supported in 2016. If you’d like to know more about CAC’s collaboration with these charities and these specific projects, please email cacchair@hanoi-iwc.com in the first instance. We’ll be happy to tell you more!

Partner Short Description VND / US$
Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) - A Brighter Tomorrow
We fund "A Brighter Tomorrow" scholarships and bicycles for 18 very poor children to attend school. The children otherwise face many barriers to education including lack of funds for school fees and transport to school VND 61,260,000
USD 2,747.08
Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) - Play & Learn
Visually impaired and blind pre-school aged children and their parents are largely excluded from mainstream education and can often fall into the cycle of poverty and disability. Play and Learn is a play-based program which works with visually impaired children and also teaches their parents how to give useful support at home to ensure a that these disabled children are able to attend primary school. The program offers support and empowerment to parents struggling to raise disabled children in poverty. VND 25,527,000
USD 1,144.71
Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC) - Cactus Blooming
HIWC funds a project called "Cactus Blooming" which provides reproductive health training sessions for 210 very poor women with disabilities from the Phu Xuyen district of Hanoi. This work is important as otherwise the women lack access to health care and knowledge about sexual health and this makes them vulnerable to sexual abuse. VND 196,540,000
USD 8,813.45
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF) - Genital Reconstruction
Children living in poverty who are born with congenital deformities of their genitalia lack access to life changing reconstructive surgery. With support from HIWC, AIPF brings a leading surgeon from Europe to perform the very complex operations and to provide diagnosis for children who have never received medical care or treatment. VND 222,509,400
USD 9,978.00
CoRE - Let's Talk
HIWC funds the "Let's Talk" peer counseling program for young adults in greater Hanoi. The program responds to a dire need for quality mental health services at a time when domestic violence, a rising divorce rate, prevalence of child maltreatment and a high attempted suicide rate among youths are considered taboo and not discussed openly. Let's Talk aims to equip young people with the skills to provide support and a listening ear to those in emotional and psychological distress. VND 225,300,000
USD 10,103.14
CSAGA - No More Campaign
The "No More" Campaign, in occasion of the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence" is designed to raise awareness in University Students in Vietnam about the issue of sexual violence against women and girls and to promote the proactive role of students in preventing and ending sexual violence against women. HIWC supports the Campaign and the student-lead public service media projects that will be the end result of the project. VND 218,536,500
USD 9,799.84
Hagar International Rescue Shelter
The objective is to ensure safe accommodations and shelter, essential health care, and child care for Vietnamese women and children suffering from abuse and exploitation. Hagar is specialized in providing psycho-social rehabilitation for women who have suffered trauma and abuse either due to trafficking or due to domestic violence. Hagar recognizes that trauma victims need holistic care to break the cycle of abuse. VND 210,556,500
USD 9,441.99
Humanitarian Services for the Children of Vietnam (HSCV) - Blossom House
HIWC supports the operation of Blossom House all-girls foster care home, helping to fund education for 14 girls who would otherwise live in extreme poverty and/or whose lives were at risk. VND 202,930,000
USD 9,100.00
Morning Star Center - Scholarships for Intellecturally Disabled Students
HIWC funds 15 poor children with autism to attend school and be supported by specialist teachers. The aim is for the children to develop language, communication and social skills to allow them to integrate into mainstream schools or kindergartens. VND 160,000,000
USD 7,174,89
Pacific Links Foundation - Preventing Human Trafficking
The aim of this project is to provide comprehensive reintegration services to trafficking survivors from northern Vietnam in a safe and encouraging environment, and to conduct outreach events at ethnic minority weekend markets. Human trafficking remains an impediment to Vietnam’s development and Pacific Links is a leader in the field of counter-trafficking and victim support. VND 168,788,235
USD 7,568.98
Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) - Holding Hands
Children of people with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, drug users and the incarcerated do not have access to education and good parental care. They are stigmatized and marginalized because of their parents. HIWC funded summer camp programs for 50 children in Hai Phong and for up to 250 children and caregivers to receive life skills and parenting training and support. We also funded scholarships for 6 children to go to school. Founder and Director of SCDI, Dr Khuat Thi Hai Oanh, received HIWCs 2016 Vision Award for Inspiring Women for her vision and courage in supporting and advocating for the rights of some of Vietnam's most marginalised people. VND 105,200,000
USD 4,717.49
SympaMeals - Cancer Treatment
Women and girls living in poor rural areas lack funds and access to treatment when diagnosed with cancer. They often forgo treatment or delay it so as not to burden their families with debt. HIWC funds radiation therapy treatment for 72 women at K Hospital in Hanoi, information booklets and a warm blanket. We also fund over 5000 meal vouchers per year so the women can be guaranteed at least one nutritious meal a day and milk powder: this provides nutrition when patients are unable to eat solid food due to sore throats caused by the radiotherapy. VND 222,960,000
USD 9,998.21
SympaMeals - Meal Coupons for Cancer Patients
Please read the above description VND 136,875,000
USD 6,137.89
The Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA)
Even at the distance of 30 years, Vietnam is still faced with the serious effects of Agent Orange use during the American war. Three generations of victims are coping with birth defects, lack of access to medical care and rehabilitation, lack of access to education and lack of adequate work. VAVA is a local non-profit organization which works to assist Agent Orange victims in all areas: rehabilitation, education and also advocacy in legal proceedings. HIWC's project with VAVA supports scholarships for education for 3rd generation AO victims and access to capital for home-based enterprises. VND 213,150,000
USD 9,558.29
TOTAL VND 2,270,132,635
USD 106,238.96

How to Apply for Funding

To be considered for HIWC funding, projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. The project must be implemented by a partner organisation registered in Vietnam.
  2. The beneficiaries of the project must work primarily with women and/or children or youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  3. The goals of the project must be related to health, education or community development.
  4. HIWC is non-religious and non-political group and does not fund projects with religious or political objectives.
  5. The applicant is not an individual or for profit organisation.
  6. The location of the project must be accessible to and from Hanoi within one day.
  7. The project must be completed within one year.
  8. The project proposal includes a clear itemised expenditure budget which meets our funding criteria.  (Click HERE to read the 2017 Allowable Expenditure document)
  9. The grant amount requested per organisation does not exceed the annual limit set by HIWC for each partner organisation.  In 2017 this limit is VND 225,000,000  (approximately USD 10,000 per partner).
  10.  Organisations can apply for funding from HIWC CAC for the same project for up to three consecutive years only. Organisations may apply for funding for different projects in successive years.


Next Steps
If your think your organisation meets this criteria, applications are open from Monday 16 January until Wednesday 15 February and your next steps are as follows:

  1. Please complete an online HIWC Application for Funding. The deadline for applications is:  15 February 2017.
  2. After 15 February, we will review all applications and invite successful applicants to prepare a full proposal and expenditure budget using our templates. A first draft of these submissions will be due on 7 March 2017 to allow time for revisions before a final deadline of 21 March 2017.
  3. Once we receive your formal proposal, the CAC will consider its merits and ask you for any further information we think necessary.  If we think your project is suitable for HIWC funding, we will recommend that the HIWC Board gives approval.
  4. We will communicate grant decisions in the third week of April 2017, after the HIWC Board’s April meeting.
  5. If the Board gives final approval to your project, we will draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for you to sign.  This will set out the terms of our grant to you including the expected scope of your project, timeline, our monitoring requirements and payment terms.
  6. HIWC will allocate funds in early May after grant agreements (MOUs) are finalised.
  7. The CAC will also appoint a Project Coordinator to maintain contact with your organisation for the duration of the project and s/he will visit the project location to evaluate progress.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If HIWC funds our project this year, will you fund it next year?
We regret we can’t guarantee that we will fund you again. You are welcome to reapply for funds to continue the same project or start another and we will consider your application in the normal way.  We encourage partner organisations to look for other sources of funding rather than becoming dependent on us.   The amount of funds we have to disburse can vary from year to year, and we like to have the flexibility to fund new partners and new projects.

Does it help if we have others sources of funding?
We will always take this into consideration and we may be able to offer partial funding – as long as your proposed use of our funds meets our criteria.

Can we attend the CAC or Board meeting at which our application is being discussed?
We regret this is not possible. Our meetings are confidential, not least as we often discuss more than one project at a time. We consider every project on its merits and according to the criteria and other considerations you see published on this website.

How long will we have to wait to learn if we have been successful?
It takes about three months from the application deadline to final approval. Project proposals are considered by the Community Aid Committee who recommend which ones the HIWC Board should approve. Please allow time to submit your proposals as we won’t consider short notice proposals. Please take care to complete your application form and formal proposal correctly to avoid delays.

How can we get an update on the status of  our application?
You are welcome to contact the CAC Chair by emailing cacchair@hanoi-iwc.com