Centre for Studies and Applied Science in Gender (CSAGA) – Help for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Awareness-raising Campaigns about Violence against Women

CSAGA is dedicated to promoting the rights of women and children who are vulnerable to violence and discrimination in Vietnam. Started as a telephone  hotline number for domestic violence victims, CSAGA has grown into an internationally regarded civil society non-profit organization. CSAGA has implemented more than 60 projects to protect the human rights of marginalized women and children in society, including survivors of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, victims of child labor abuse and corporal punishment, and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people.

CSAGA’s greatest strength is harnessing the power of mass media for social change.  The NGO uses innovative social media, television, film and print projects to raise Vietnamese people’s awareness about the issues of violence against women and the status of marginalized groups. In addition,  CSAGA trains social workers, union representatives, government officials and local authorties about gender-based violence and discrimination. Over 1,000 young adults have been reached by CSAGA’s initiative, working to eliminate the stigmas still associated with sexual violence and discrimination in Vietnam.

HIWC was an early supporter of CSAGA and provided grants for self-help support groups for survivors of domestic violence.  On the occasion of the 2016 international “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, ” HIWC was proud to support CSAGA’s “No More” campaign designed to raise awareness among University Students in Vietnam about the issue of sexual violence against women and girls,  and to promote a proactive role for students in preventing and ending sexual violence against women including student-led public service media projects.

CSAGA Founder Nguyen Van Anh was nominated by HIWC members for the HIWC Vision Award for Inspiring Women in 2016.

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Pacific Links Foundation

Pacific Links Foundation focuses on preventing the trafficking of at-risk Vietnamese youth, especially women and girls in ethnic minority areas. Pacific Links provides shelter, reintegration, and comprehensive support services for trafficking survivors while working to expand access to quality education and economic opportunities for both survivors and at-risk youth. It also helps to build the capacity of local Vietnamese social workers, local authorities and community members who interact with survivors, mobilizes women to raise awareness of trafficking risks and advocates for the thousands of people who have been trafficked.

In 2010 and 2013, HIWC supported Pacific Links “Compassion House” shelter which accommodated and supported up to 20 survivors of trafficking.

The project funded by HIWC since 2016 supports physical improvements to Compassion House and art therapy for up to 20 survivors of trafficking in Lao Cai Province. We are also supporting outreach and education events at weekend markets in ethnic minority communities along the northern border of Vietnam and outreach worker training sessions in Lao Cai, Bac Ha and Sapa which are projected to reach to more than 2,000 community members.

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Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA)  – Scholarships for Third Generation Agent Orange Sufferers and  Support for Home-based Income Generation Activities

Even after 30 years, Vietnam is still tackling the serious effects of Agent Orange (AO) use during the American war.   The use of Agent Orange as a chemical weapon has left tangible, long-term impacts upon the Vietnamese people:  three generations of victims are coping with birth defects, lack of access to medical care and rehabilitation, lack of access to education and lack of work. VAVA is a local non-profit organisation that helps AO victims with rehabilitation, education and advocacy in legal proceedings. VAVA has evolved from a small group of scientists, lawyers and victims to become a country-wide organization. VAVA came into operation in 2004 with the dual mission to support and take care of AO victims and to fight for the AO victims’ legal rights.  VAVA is the international leader in legal advocacy for victims of AO.

The VAVA project funded by HIWC supports scholarships for third generation AO victims and through the provision of livestock and equipment, helps families generate income from home-based enterprises such as animal husbandry, tailoring, cane juice making and selling dried goods in rural areas around Hanoi.  While each single intervention is small in scale, the impacts for the individual families are significant – and when one family rises out of poverty, the entire community benefits.

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