Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)   – Vocational Training for Young People   

LP4Y’s mission is to assist young adults living in extreme poverty or those who are socially excluded such as orphans, young people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, young or ex-prisoners, young single mothers and migrants.  LP4Y aims to help them to break the cycle of poverty through gainful employment.  Through a year-long entrepreneurship and training process at the Life Project Centre near Hanoi’s Red River, young people learn skills necessary to find jobs and gain the opportunity to improve their lives.  Assisted by LP4Y, young people successfully run a micro-economic activity, a bakery called “Bread & Smiles.”

Since 2015 HIWC has supported a training program for young people many of whom have dropped out of school and have not completed their education.  These young people start the LP4Y program with few prospects of employment.  LP4Y’s training program seeks to address this by teaching vocational skills such as English and computing. The program also exposes the youth to different employment options through visits to local companies and meetings with local business people,  so helping them to shape plans for their future.  HIWC CAC and Board member volunteers also added value to the program by helping the young people with mock interview sessions and practicing professional communication and presentation.

HIWC’s Birthday Gift Fund, set up in 2016 to celebrate the Club’s 30th birthday,  also funded the purchase of equipment for LP4Y’s bakery operation.

Visit the LP4Y website

Morning Star Center – Education for Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

Morning Star Center is a pioneer in Vietnam in the field of parental counselling and early intervention and care for children with intellectual disabilities (ID) and autism.  The center uses and adapts western methods  to help Vietnamese children with ID and autism develop their skills to the best of their abilities.  Many of the children come from poor farming backgrounds in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. The school’s aim is for children to be able to integrate into mainstream schools and every year between 60 – 70 children transfer into mainstream schools or kindergarten. The Center also helps older children with self-help,  life skills and sex education as well as academic studies.

HIWC has been a long-standing supporter of Morningstar Center. Since 1997 HIWC has funded repairs to an old school house, teaching aids and toys, blankets and pillows, tables and chairs, equipment for the school kitchen and outdoor play equipment.  Since 2005 HIWC has funded the school fees for up to 30 children per year.

Dr Do Thuy Lan  was nominated by HIWC members for our Vision Award for Inspiring Women in 2016.

Visit the Morning Star website

Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV)  – Education and Play Sessions for Visually impaired children and Education Sessions for Parents

Since 2011, HIWC has funded two ACCV projects – A Brighter Tomorrow and Play & Learn.  A Brighter Tomorrow provided educational support to poor children in Hanoi and in Bac Ninh province including school tuition payments, bicycles for daily commuting to school and desks and lamps for study at home.  Play & Learn created a support program and playgroup for visually impaired and blind pre-school aged children in Hanoi. The program included outdoor field trips and education seminars for parents. ACCV recently concluded its activities in Vietnam after 11 successful years. We’d like to play tribute to the dedication and achievements of Alison Vidotto and her team.

ACCV beneficiary, staff member and activist Nguyen Thi Hong was nominated by HIWC members for our Vision Award for Inspiring Women in 2015.