As we count down the days to Sunday, November 27th, it’s becoming a must that we get our gastronomic systems ready for an exhilarating as well as truly inspiring afternoon of eating scrumptious, mouth-watering dishes from all corners of the globe.  Whether it’s sushi or hot Indian curry or corn-on-the-cob or Korean barbeque or hot dogs and burgers or burritos or pizza or cotton candy, visitors are sure to find dishes that will make them smile.

And while we’re at it, we should also prepare ourselves for some serious holiday shopping, since there will be lots of vendors with arts and crafts and products that will surely stop us in our tracks.  Perhaps we should start saving a few dong for those purchases we know we won’t be able to resist.  From purses and wallets to wall hanging and painting to vases to blouses and dresses to not readily available tools to that one-of-a-kind tee shirt – we will surely be able to shop till we drop!

For music and dance aficionados – I assure those that might have a few fears, there is no reason to worry!  International bands and performers will grace an easy-to-follow central stage.  There are always surprises, but on the schedule are a band from Africa and one from Hanoi, ballerinas from a Russian School, and a Korean opera singer. Last but not least, Hawaiian Hula dancers will demonstrate why swaying hips are always alluring.

The HIWC has a lot of practice at organizing and realizing these annual bazaars, and this year marks its 25th outing.  As Akofa Wallace, the Communications and PR Coordinator of HIWC comments, “31 cultures will be represented at the HIWC Bazaar on the 27th of November . . . That’s a whole lot of international flavors to enjoy! What’s not to like about that,” she asks?

The Belgium Country Table has proven to be a favorite in the past years, with very long lines being its signature mark.  Some say it is the French fries the Table serves; others claim it is the beer the Table pours into ice-cold glasses.  However, last year South Africa had the winning table, and participants just couldn’t get enough of the Boerewors (South African hot dogs) and the great wine being served.  We leave it up to this year’s participants to decide what Country Table should be crowned this year.

The HIWC is a dynamic voluntary group of over 470 members from nearly 70 different countries, and its over the last decade includes over one million dollars of contributions to women and children’s charities in Vietnam.