Most people find help through word of mouth, asking around friends or asking friends’ housekeepers. Hanoi Family Google group is one of the best ways to find a good housekeeper, especially during the summer when many families leave.

Whether you are looking for a nanny, maid, housekeeper or cook, it’s best to get references. Check with your employer for referrals, check on Facebook through the Facebook groups, The New Hanoian classifieds or look at a website like Maid in Vietnam

Between US$400-600 (paid in Vietnamese Dong) a month is about the going rate for a full-time housekeeper and US$300 a month for part-time. Whether your housekeeper is full-time or part-time, you will be expected to pay a TET (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) bonus, a thirteenth month and a yearly increase of 5-10%. A fourteenth month is discretionary and normally only paid to long-serving employees. You are not usually required to take out health insurance for your housekeeper/helper, but if you decide to do so, it is best to pay this directly into a scheme to ensure that cover is taken out.

Working hours for full time are 8-9 hours a day (40-45 hours a week) including a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch/break. Your helper is entitled to 12 paid-for vacation days per year after completing 12 month of consecutive work in addition to the following official holidays:

  • New Year Day / 1 January (1 day)

  • Têt (4 days)

  • Reunification Day / 30 April (1 day)

  • International Labour Day / 1 May (1 day)

  • National Day / 2 September (1 day).

Some housekeepers require contracts, others do not. If you need to provide a contract, ask around for advice.